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Statement of faith

As the chlll of winter descends let us be grateful for the wonderful summer we experienced and extend our grateful thanks to the Lord for his provision, especially at this harvest time when farm workers are reaping and gleaning  from early morn till late at night.  We ask for their protection Lord and for physical energy and inner strength.

But summer is not totally gone.

Last week whilst out walking I observed a myriad of butterflies, many Red Admirals, still going about their business.  It led me to have the following thought.

Caterpillars do NOT think their way to become butterflies – a process of metamorphosis happens – the transformation in the chrysalis is outwith the caterpillar’s reasoning and control.  From a crawling, sometimes hairy grub, munching its way through the cabbage patch, this beautiful, graceful, winged, majestic, multi-coloured, magnificence, dances before us – a delight of light in a stark, grey world.

And as I dwelt on these things I thought how amazing creation is.  How amazing our God is to have such an end result for a little grub.  I asked what significance does this have for me with my strategies, ideas, analysis, calculating the possibilities and the probabilities of the next move??

How much easier and simpler to be a caterpillar ….. to trust - patiently, waiting in an unknown environment, for  change to take place.

So my prayer today is.  Help me Lord Jesus to be more like the caterpillar – innocent and trusting, patient, yielding in faith, enabling You to do a work in me – a wonderful transformation which will glorify and reflect Your beauty.

Thank You Lord for the harvest You promise.

From all at Buckhaven Community Church – “May you be richly blessed this autumn.”

Blessings to all

Phyllis and all at BCC

Dear Friends

Gill Campbell

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