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Statement of faith

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” …. I played this song at the start of last week’s service and asked “what was missing” …. Yes you’ve guessed it too -

No mention of Jesus !! For Christians nothing in the song focussed on the true meaning of Christmas.

Every year I watch the timing a particular shop introduces their Christmas card stock. There has been a progression from just after Halloween to September and this year it was early August – I hadn’t even had my summer hols !!

Recently someone at church asked the question “Was Jesus really born on 25th December?”

A short while ago I was given a book, possibly typed up on an old typewriter in the 80’s and run off on an ink drum duplicator, entitled “Put Christ back into Christmas” written by David Watters.

This book turned into a minefield of information which led me to fully explore and research the above questions and other early traditions and practices relating to the Christmas celebration.

The most intriguing for me being the Christmas tree - rooted in pagan origins I struggle to decide each year whether to display one or not. However my confusion lessened for as I read, I was drawn to the “Christian” symbolism of the Christmas tree and received the wonderful revelation that as I decorate our tree I can celebrate this unique, historical God moment by worshipfully and symbolically remembering the birth of Jesus .

• The tree itself becomes a background for the symbols of Christmas.

• The star at the top reminds us of the Bethlehem star.

• The bells ring out the good news of Jesus’ birth.

• The baubles remind us of the “globe” the world created by God for us.

• The lights reflect the light that has come into the world.

• The presents at the foot of the tree representing the greatest gift of all
God’s own son.

• The angels reflecting joy and reminding us of the good news by proclaiming

“Behold I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people; for you is born this day in the city of David, a Saviour” - a Saviour for all people.

So what do we celebrate - the birth of a Saviour - Jesus Christ - born to save each and every one of us - from sin and from eternal death !!

My prayer is that this Christmas we all take time to pause, to remember the joy of this Good News, to look for opportunities to share this with others, especially those who may be struggling to find true meaning in the chaos, tension, glitter, tinkle, hustle, bustle, wearied, somewhat heavily laden with the pressures of worldly celebration.

From all at BCC


Blessings to all

Phyllis and all at BCC

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